1 - 3 minutes: $150
4 - 15 minutes: $450
16 - 60 minutes: $750
Special effects: Additional $50
Titles, credits, lower thirds: Additional $50
Significant colour work: Additional $50

Once you contact me and I have agreed to the project I will provide a link to a secure store page where you will be able to fill in a standard form regarding your requirements, and pay the initial amount upfront via Paypal. (I am also willing to negotiate instalments and can create a "custom item" payment option for you if necessary.)

We will then work out a project brief together, either in person, over instant messenger, or by email. This will include an outline of the project including an estimate of the time required, stages when I will contact you with drafts: the script, colour edit, sound edit, etc. I will also provide you with any assistance you need to upload your footage to a reliable sharing service such as Mega or Dropbox. (Alternately, you can mail me a USB or hard drive.)

You are allowed multiple revisions at each draft stage so that you receive a final product you are completely satisfied with. However if at the final draft you ask for revisions that deviate from our original brief (such as adding new footage) there will be an additional charge of $100.


Short fiction: 10c per word
Short poem/greeting card text: $10
Comic script: $10 per page
Resume: $20
Cover letter: $20
Keyword-based SEO Article: $20
Research-based magazine article: $50
University essay: $20 per 1000 words.
Grant application: 5% of grant
Rush fee: Additional 25% of total

When you commission me we will discuss the medium, your expectations, the intended audience, and work out a project brief together, I will give you a rough estimation of the time it will take, and a quote for the final product, which will be payable via a secure store page that uses Paypal. (I am also willing to negotiate instalments and can create a "custom item" payment option for you if necessary.)

Once that is settled and agreed upon, I will tell you when to expect the first draft and get to work! Each project I will provide you an outline and two drafts where you can make revisions requests, and then a final product. Further revisions, or significant deviation from the original brief, will require an additional payment of $50.

If you need something written to a close deadline, I do offer a rush fee - 25% of the total. While all projects take time, this ensures your project will be my first priority, above any other commissions or commitments. If I am unable to meet the promised deadline, the rush fee will be fully refunded.


Sensitivity reading: $0.02 per word, $10 minimum
Areas of specialty: Fatphobia. Non-binary gender. LGBTI characters. Kink. Mental illness, including personality disorders, complex ptsd, depression and anxiety. Aboriginal Australia. (What is a sensitivity reader?)
Fast proofreading: $30 per hour, approx. 10 pages an hour.
Combs for errors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, duplicate words, typos.
Line editing: $30 per hour, approx. 3 pages an hour.
As well as a close proofread, includes suggestions for structural alterations, rephrasing for grammar, voice, and rhetorical devices, and discussion of the flow of the piece as a whole.
Poetry editing: $20 per poem.
In addition to a proofread, will include a scansion-based edit, suggestions for restructuring or replacing words, and the potential for a discussion about themes and poetic devices. Can also include prompting and guidance for half-finished 'stuck' pieces.

Once you commission me, I require a fraction of my initial quote upfront (25% for individuals, 10% for businesses) to make sure you're not a scam-artist. I will create a custom payment option for you on my secure store page that uses Paypal, or we can discuss alternate payment such as bank transfer.

Price is subject to negotiation: I will provide significant discounts for non-profit projects (such as fan fiction, charity auctions, or personal blog posts). I am also willing to provide significant discounts to disadvantaged and underprivileged individuals, and I do offer "mates rates" for editing if we know one another around the internet.  

I have a very high tolerance threshold for graphic violence, erotic descriptions, and other extreme or subversive content. However, for the sake of a disclaimer, I reserve the right to refuse to read any work that makes me personally uncomfortable (you will of course be fully refunded.)